Unani is referred to as the art and science of healing. It is one of the noble professions where the professional works for the people who are suffering. It is quite popular in society because of its unique approach of promotion, prevention and curative aspect of health care. It has received the mass acceptance as one of the complementary systems of medicine. People do opt for the Unani medicine, because it’s one of the options which provide remarkable opportunity to candidates to pursue career both abroad and India. It is one of the oldest systems of medicines in the world which owes it origin in to Greece. But later on various Persian and Arab scholars enriched the systems. It was previously known as the Galenic.  It strongly does believe in nature and the healing properties. They established that diseases are the natural processes and the symptoms are just the reaction to the body disease. The system of Unani is regulated with the system of Central Council of Indian Medicine. Some of the organized courses include-PG, UG, PhD and even the Post Graduated diploma in the field from numerous Universities. 

Unani Eligibility and Course Details

The Bachelors of surgery and Unani is offered via different private and public colleges and institutes at India. The eligibility of the course is that candidates should have passed 12th standard with approximate 50% in aggregate with Biology, Physics and Chemistry, from the recognized University and colleges. Those candidates who are having Urdu in their intermediate exam are provided the preference. BUMS are considered as the 5 and a half years course which does include house surgency. After the completion of the BUMS, one could move ahead with MS and MD courses.

Career prospect with Unani services

The career options in the field are quite progressive and the future seems to be bright. Since, for the large number of disorders and diseases, Unani is having the big say in the treatment and management. The discipline is quite effective for the infertility, sexual problems and treatment. In case if you are the simple BUMS, you could join as the research officer or as the consultant either in public or private. In case you are hardworking and ambitious, you could make the niche as hakim, pharmacist or the physician. Opting your career after 12th is quite enthralling and challenging.

Career options for the Unani are

  • Unani MO (Medical Officer)
  • Director (Unani)
  • Deputy Director (Unani)
  • Assistant Director (Unani)
  • Research officer
  • Assistant Research Officer
  • Pharmacist
  • Publication officer (Unani)

Major or Main Employers

  • UPSC (Union Public Service Commission)
  • Rajasthan Public Service Commission
  • UPSC (Uttarpradesh Public Service Commission)
  • KPOs
  • BPOs
  •  Unani Pharmacies
  •  State Research Centre

Remuneration depends on the experience and qualifications. The salaries with the fields are also varying as per the expertise. The colleges where the courses are offered are- Unani Medical College and Hospital –Srinagar, Kashmir Tibbia College- Srinagar, National Institute of Unani Medicine etc.