When you are finalizing your career, you need to check out that kind of future is going to appeal to you? Are you willing to accept challenges? Are you inclined towards the working of the body and the science? Do you really care about the people deeply, their problem and the pain they are facing? Are you the good listener? Are you inquisitive in learning new things with development taking place? Are you intrigued with the ways medicines could change or improve your life?

If all the above questioned above is having the answer as “yes” the chances are that you are having the right impact for moving ahead with the career of Medicine. You should go and check out with the counsellor and have a chat with him/her or the pre-health advisor for learning more about if it is the best choice for you.

What’s the profile or task of the doctor?

Physicians are there to diagnose and care for the people of all spheres and ages of life who have been injured. They do ask for the medical histories, conduct diagnostic tests, perform physical examination, recommend and then based on the examination they provide the solution which is relevant for them. Eventhough there are numerous kinds of physicians they could be divided into 3 major categories such as –

  • Primary care physicians are referred to as the doctor’s patients who are visiting the doctor frequently. They are treating the wide ranges of illnesses and are regularly providing the preventive care, and are also enjoying the long term relationship with the patients. Paediatricians are the family practitioners and primary care physicians.
  • Surgeons who are busy performing operations for treating repair injuries and diseases.
  •  Specialists who are having expertise related to the specific diseases as well the body parts, systems and organs. Some of the specialists are as cardiologists, neurologist, oncologist and ophthalmologist etc. For further specialist you could check out some of the medicinal websites, who could handle it.

Education required for becoming the doctor

Becoming a successful doctor, it requires to be quite serious and committed educationists. It is typically going to take around 11 to 16 years for completing the education which includes 4 years of college, 4 years of the medical school and anywhere from 3 to 8 years of training in the specific field depending on the speciality you are going to finalize.

In order for seeking or getting the medical license, doctors are required to continue taking learning and courses about the advancements of the fields over the career period.

What about the pay package and life style?

While the salaries for the physicians are among the highest from all the occupations, the work hours can be unpredictable and long. There are lot of doctors who are working around 60 hours in the week. They may also have to respond to the emergencies and have to be on calls with their patients. Working hours does vary and doesn’t have any specified time line for attending the patients. It also varies depending on the size, type and the location of patience. Salaries do vary depending on where physicians do live and kind of medical specialities they practice.