Do you agree that teaching has always been one of the rewarding careers, along with lots of challenges and excitement?  So if you have earned the bachelors degree in education, only to realize that you don’t have to teach anymore, then surely you are not alone. If you are seeking the Bachelors degree in education it will prepare you for the job as an elementary or the Secondary School teacher. What are you planning to do? If you are under confusion and don’t know how to proceed further after completing your B.Ed and you realize that don’t want to teach children. Or what if you are unable to seek job in any of the school or you have been laid off from the current one? Which is certainly not an unlikely scenario as the budgets of schools are tightened and teachers –even those who are experienced are excessed? Fortunately there are some other options which you could select for moving forward.

Options with respect to career are as under-

  1. Librarian
  2. Writer or Editor
  3. Manager
  4. Textbook or instructional Materials sales rep
  5. Guidance Counsellor
  6.  Instructional Coordinator
  7. Instructional designer
  8. Health educator
  9. GED or Adult literacy
  10. Manager/ Training and development specialist

Benefits for Becoming a teacher

Teachers are assisting children’s of all ages in learning and clearing their concepts with respect to different subjects and in helping developing their student’s critical thinking skills. Teachers could enhance their knowledge with regards to the curriculum planning, assigning projects and designing lessons which are appropriately targeting the learning capabilities of their students. If you are having the bachelor’s degree in education, it can provide you with the insights knowledge and science for providing the best possible learning environments for the students. As the teacher, you could experience the rewards for shaping and enhancing or changing the lives of the students. With the unique autonomy as the professional, you can implement and design your curriculum according to your own style creativity and personality. It is always believed that teachers are the lifelong learners and do maintain the sense of understanding and openness throughout their lives. As the teacher you would be getting better opportunity to spend ample time with your family members, having summer vacations and excellent perks. When you are teacher you are encouraging students of different culture and social backgrounds for some proven methods of the instruction.

International focus

Teaching is not just confined to verbal but also deals with Face-to –Face. It has further developed into E-learning modules and the online web teaching strategies as well. Due to which the opportunities have increased a lot. For example if some of the individuals have retired and is having around 20-25 years of experience then he has can start working on the online job. In India, it is quite possible that the rural children would be trained in such manner with the different subjects. In other countries like US and UK, the system of teaching is quite different and unique. However, the teaching opportunities are plenty and it’s well known that it’s one of renowned profession across the globe.